Saturday, May 30, 2009


They are EARLY

Yes they are.

Estimated Arrival 6:32PM - so get there. IT's a short walk from the gate and you don't want to miss it - so GO GO GO to CVG

Terminal 2 - upstairs. Park in short term. And RUN RUN RUN!

Kim (assistant to Jenny)

Just heard from David

they are in Washington DC and will get on the flight that brings them to Cvg at 7pm :)! Yeah! Joy!

United terminal

Okay, so I'm airport challenged, directionally challenged, every kind of which way challenged, but I do know it's a United flight that is to arrive at 7pm. United is in Terminal 2. I'm told it's a small terminal. So do short-term parking following signs for United. When you come in main entrance go toward ticket counter. I think you will go up some stairs and we should be there. I've been told it's a small enough terminal that we should be able to find each other and end up in the same spot! Thanks! I'm excited!! I'm in last minute clean mode trying to organize drawers that I've waited until the last minute to clean out. Love, Jenny

Friday, May 29, 2009

Confirmation of Flight

Okay, flight will be in Cvg at 7pm on Saturday. If the flight is delayed, I'll try to update the blog tomorrow. We would love to have all that have prayed and supported us at the airport to welcome David, Maks, Alona and Natasha. We'll be in the baggage claim area, the area before you get to security.

Hope to see you there! Love, Jenny

"For nothing is impossible with God"

The visas came! Yes Lord! I can't even type words because I am speechless. Actually not speechless, more like, "Yes!" "Woo-hoo!" "Praise you Lord!" That kind of thing. Words are just not adequate.

David is going to book the flight. Right now there are tickets on hold that will have David and the kids arriving in Cvg at 7:00pm tomorrow night. I will confirm for you later. We would love to have you there!

Please praise the Lord with us for He is a great and mighty God capable of softening hard hearts, rescuing us from a life of sin and setting captives free! Jenny

Quick Update

Had 3 texts this morning when I woke up.
1. Made it to Embassy and got initial paperwork started. No promises from Embassy. They said it all depends on facial recognition software in Washington. They were headed to medicals at 9:15am. David asks to NOT stop praying boldly that this will happen today!
2. 12:45pm and medicals were done. Going to embassy
3. Were in traffic for over an hour and told it could be another hour. Embassy had asked them to make sure they are there by 2pm. (D typed this at 1:46pm). D asked for prayer for kids. They were hot and tired!
4. Praise God! They made it to Embassy by 2pm.

That's it for now. You can't take any electronics in the Embassy. So far, so good! I guess right now we can be praying for that facial recognition software and the people working at Embassy. Thank you for your prayers! Love, Jenny